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CRANLIK Electric Wire Rope Hoist PA-1500 20M

MRP: 20,890 (with GST)

CRANLIK 400 Kg Magnetic Lifter PML-400

MRP: 11,800 (with GST)

CRANLIK 2000 Kg Magnetic Lifter PML-2000

MRP: 47,520 (with GST)

CRANLIK 6000 Kg 1.5 Metre Ratchet Lever Hoist RLH-6000

MRP: 11,985 (with GST)

CRANLIK 3000 Kg 1.5 Metre Ratchet Lever Hoist RLH-3000

MRP: 8,485 (with GST)

CRANLIK 1500 Kg 1.5 Metre Ratchet Chain Hoist RLH-1500

MRP: 5,355 (with GST)

CRANLIK 750 Kg 1.5 Metre Ratchet Lever Hoist RLH-750

MRP: 4,408 (with GST)

CHAMPION 2 Ton Chain Pulley Block 2T3M

MRP: 7,080 (with GST)

CHAMPION 1 Ton Chain Pulley Block 1T3M

MRP: 5,664 (with GST)

CRANLIK 1 Ton Manual Forklift Stacker ST01

MRP: 36,565 (with GST)

RMB 400 Kg Foldable Platform Trolley SJ96 Heavy Duty

MRP: 10,352
Our Price: 7,492 (with GST)

RMB 200 Kg Foldable Platform Trolley SJ74 Heavy Duty

MRP: 9,010
Our Price: 6,076 (with GST)

CRANLIK 1000 Kg Magnetic Lifter PML-1000

MRP: 30,680 (with GST)

CRANLIK 800 Kg Magnetic Lifter PML-800

MRP: 23,010 (with GST)

CRANLIK 2.5 Ton Hand Pallet Truck 2.5T

MRP: 24,131
Our Price: 16,402 (with GST)

HBM 3 Ton Chain Pulley Block 3T3M

MRP: 8,328
Our Price: 5,546 (with GST)

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