GreenMax 4 Stroke Petrol Mini Power Tiller 35CC

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  • Attachments: Tiller, 80 Teeth Blade, 3 Teeth Blade and Nylon Grass Trimmer Head
  • Accessories: Tool Kit, Cutting Protection Guard and Instruction Manual

GreenMax 1.50 HP Petrol Mini Tiller PT-35 is a 3-in-1 Petrol Mini Tiller that comes with Tiller and 2 Cutters – Tap N Go Blade & 80T Blade. GreenMax Petrol Mini Tiller PT-35 comes with Wheels attached for Better & Easier Movement of the Mini Tiller. This Mini Tiller can easily be operated by Women and Senior Citizens, due to the Wheels at the ends.

GreenMax Petrol Mini Tillers are the mechanized way of Tilling and also Cutting Grass, Weeds, Paddy, Bushes and even Crops in the field areas. They make the job easier for the Users, by reducing Time & Money spent on Manual Tilling and Cutting. Each Mini Tiller is equipped with Engine, Shaft and different types of Tiller Attachments along with Cutting Blades which can be Multi-Purpose in use.

All models are manufactured with a unique Anti-Vibration Technology and Built with strong and sturdy materials to last long.

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