Kiston SELF-START Button Paddy & Wheat Petrol Brush Cutter K-52

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KISTON 2.50 HP Petrol Brush Cutter K-52 is a 4-in-1 Petrol Brush/Crop Cutter.

  • SELF-START Button for Easy Button Start
  • New Japanese Technology Carburettor
  • Kiston Paddy/Wheat Cutter comes with 3 Blades – Tap N Go Grass Blade, 2T Blade & 40T Blade and Additional Wheat/Paddy Cutter Attachment.
  • The Box comes with Tool Kit and Fuel Measuring Can as well.
  • Kiston Petrol Brush Cutter K-52 comes with a POWERFUL 52 CC Petrol Engine that delivers Power of 2 HP
  • Kiston Petrol Brush Cutter K-52 is Built on Japanese Technology and is the Most Economical & Value for Money Petrol Brush Cutter available in India for Paddy, Wheat and Crop Cutting.

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14,800 (with GST)