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DEWALT Cordless 18V Hammer Drill Driver 13mm DCD776S2

MRP: 12,100 (with GST)

DEWALT D26676 Portable Planer Width 82 mm

MRP: 13,076
Our Price: 7,792 (with GST)

DEWALT DW715 Mitre Saw 1600 Watt

MRP: 43,776
Our Price: 34,264 (with GST)

DEWALT DWP849X Sander & Polisher 1250 Watt Wheel Dia 180 mm

MRP: 17,076
Our Price: 11,850 (with GST)

DEWALT DWD014 Rotary Drill Machine 10 mm

MRP: 4,676
Our Price: 3,270 (with GST)

DEWALT DW862 Tile Cutter 1270 Watt Wheel Dia 110 mm

MRP: 6,876
Our Price: 4,239 (with GST)

DEWALT DW801 Angle Grinder 850 Watt Wheel Dia 100 mm

MRP: 4,458
Our Price: 2,843 (with GST)

DEWALT DW810 Angle Grinder 680 Watt Wheel Dia 100 mm

MRP: 3,857
Our Price: 2,394 (with GST)

DEWALT D25941K 12Kg Demolition Hammer 1600 Watt

MRP: 83,876
Our Price: 50,544 (with GST)

DEWALT D25901K 10Kg Demolition Hammer 1500 Watt

MRP: 64,176
Our Price: 39,119 (with GST)

DEWALT D25580K 5Kg Demolition Hammer 1050 Watt

MRP: 36,176
Our Price: 27,613 (with GST)

DEWALT D25133K 3-Mode Hammer Drill 26.00 mm

MRP: 14,175
Our Price: 11,638 (with GST)

DEWALT D28730 Chop Saw 2300 Watt Wheel Dia 355 mm

MRP: 16,976
Our Price: 9,558 (with GST)

DEWALT D28870 Chop Saw 2200 Watt Wheel Dia 355 mm

MRP: 18,176
Our Price: 12,375 (with GST)

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