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BOSCH Advanced Aquatak 160 High Pressure Washer

MRP: 38,750
Our Price: 37,751 (with GST)

BOSCH Easy Aquatak 110 High Pressure Washer 1300 Watt

MRP: 8,531 (with GST)

BOSCH Easy Aquatak 100 High Pressure Washer 1200 Watt

MRP: 7,999 (with GST)

BOSCH GBL 82-270 Professional Blower

MRP: 4,200 (with GST)

BOSCH GBL 620 Professional Blower

MRP: 2,499 (with GST)

BOSCH GAS 18-V1 Professional Vacuum Cleaner

MRP: 9,999 (with GST)

BOSCH GAS 12-25 Professional Vacuum Cleaner

MRP: 12,999 (with GST)

BOSCH GAS 15 Professional Vacuum Cleaner

MRP: 12,399 (with GST)

BOSCH Universal Aquatak 130 High Pressure Washer

MRP: 15,045
Our Price: 14,475 (with GST)

BOSCH Easy Aquatak 120 High Pressure Washer

MRP: 9,372
Our Price: 9,150 (with GST)

BOSCH Home & Car Pressure Washer AQT 35-12

MRP: 16,996
Our Price: 11,176 (with GST)

Bosch GLM-40 Laser Distance Measurer 135 Feet or 40M

MRP: 3,535 (with GST)

BOSCH GEX125-1 AE Random Orbit Sander

MRP: 6,758
Our Price: 5,252 (with GST)

BOSCH GKS190 Circular Saw 1400 Watt Wheel Dia 100 mm

MRP: 12,466
Our Price: 7,681 (with GST)

BOSCH GSR120-Li Cordless Drill Driver 12V with Double Battery

MRP: 9,458
Our Price: 5,782 (with GST)

BOSCH GWS900-100 Angle Grinder 900 Watt Wheel Dia 100 mm

MRP: 5,198
Our Price: 3,298 (with GST)

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