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CRANLIK Electric Wire Rope Hoist PA-1500 20M

20,890 (with GST)

CHAMPION 2 Ton Chain Pulley Block 2T3M

7,080 (with GST)

CHAMPION 1 Ton Chain Pulley Block 1T3M

5,664 (with GST)

CRANLIK 1 Ton Manual Forklift Stacker ST01

36,565 (with GST)

RMB 400 Kg Foldable Platform Trolley SJ96 Heavy Duty

10,352 7,492 (with GST)

RMB 200 Kg Foldable Platform Trolley SJ74 Heavy Duty

9,010 6,076 (with GST)

CRANLIK 1000 Kg Magnetic Lifter PML-1000

30,680 (with GST)

CRANLIK 800 Kg Magnetic Lifter PML-800

23,010 (with GST)

CRANLIK 2.5 Ton Hand Pallet Truck 2.5T

24,131 16,402 (with GST)

HBM 3 Ton Chain Pulley Block 3T3M

8,328 5,546 (with GST)

HBM 2 Ton Chain Pulley Block 2T3M

7,065 3,953 (with GST)

HBM 1 Ton Chain Pulley Block 1T3M

5,384 3,149 (with GST)

CRANLIK 1 Ton Travelling Trolley PA-1000

15,148 10,581 (with GST)

CRANLIK 500 Kg Travelling Trolley PA-500

11,015 7,380 (with GST)

BMH CRANLIK 1.2 Ton 30M Mini Electric Hoist PA-1200 30M

15,382 (with GST)

BMH CRANLIK 1.2 Ton 20M Mini Electric Hoist PA-1200 20M

14,750 (with GST)

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